U.L.U.C T-shirt

U.L.U.C T-shirt


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Embroidered t-shirt “Una la un Centenar” by Nukka

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A beautiful embroidered t-shirt with a catchy phrase in Romanian that was inspired by the expression “one in a million,” when Romania celebrated 100 years from its Unification in 2018. Nukka wanted to capture the moment and make it linger as much as possible by creating an embroidered t-shirt with the phrase “One in a centennial”  (“Una la un Centenar) incorporating the sown symbol that our logo is made of, the acorn.  This t-shirt and it’s message expresses what Nukka is all about: being unique, feeling special and out of the ordinary, remembering always who YOU are as it is all about YOU from Childhood to Womanhood.

available in sizez from XS to XL

material 100% cotton



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