Nukka Long Fringe Belt

Nukka Long Fringe Belt

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Traditional inspired Romanian Fringe Belt

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Yes, Nukka too has favorites and this long fringe belt is on of them… Made of lace and leather inserts with long silk fringes this belt (or Romanian traditional inspired brau) will be a show stopper whichever way you choose to wear it.

Accessorize a day outfit or an evening or cocktail outfit, depending on your own style and preferences and you will never go wrong with this piece.

Wear it on the side or straight down the front depending on the effect you want to achieve or the detail of your outfit you wish to enhance. be bold and wear it as a neck piece when wearing a sheer black silk gown for an amazing effect.

Every Nukka product comes individually packaged to make your unwrapping experience a memorable one. A jewel in your wardrobe, Nukka Fringe Belt is carefully designed and tailored to the smallest of details.

Experience the feeling of owning a handmade belt, accessory or garment by Nukka today.

Handmade in Romania.

Available only in black.

Total length 75 cm

Width  10 cm

Length of belt 30 cm

Size: one size only


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