Memories T-shirt

Memories T-shirt


Memories t-shirt with embroidered text and logo

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One word, a million memories. This collection of embroidered t-shirts by Nukka, brings to life words from the past. Words from our memories as children. Most of these words were spoken by our grandparents throughout our childhood as words of endearment. Yes, they called us in many differnt ways, using words, that are now considered archaisms. We wanted to keep these words alive and vibrant. We wanted our children to know them and use them, enjoy them and pass them on. We celebrate our rich Romanian language together and we wish to gift the Memories t-shirts to you!

Available words and their meanings:

Zglobie meaning lively, full of life and energy

Izmenită meaning picky, squeamish, particular

Craiasă meaning fairy, queen also with the meaning of beautiful

Nagodă menaing lively and cheeky child, mischievous

Gâgâlice small and delicate being, child

Răzgâiată spoiled, coddled


sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12/14 years


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