Mărțișor Vest

Mărțișor Vest


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Get ready to add a chic vibe to your outfits with this Martisor Vest. Made of high quality red ribbed velvet accessorized with fun red tassels and a beautiful embroidered ribbon with wool tassels. Each vest has a cool contrasting underlining and a “Nobody like her” wooden button as a reminder and affirmation of your unique nature!
Inspired by the Romanian tradition of “Mărțișor,” that announces the beginning of spring and is traditionally a braided white and red wool string given (in most areas) to girls and women as a symbol of good luck and health.  As a tribute to tradition and Romanian customs, Nukka discovers the new by being constantly in awe of the old. We bring you this “Mărțișor” Vest to wear year-round.
Available for girls and women

sizes girls 116-164

sizes women S/M, M/L




116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 156, 164, M/L, S/M


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