Etno Tassel Wool Blazer

Etno Tassel Wool Blazer

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The Etno tassel wool blazer is a statement piece you will fall in love with. Elegantly chic, soft to the touch, versatile and comfortable, our colorful blazer will give you a sense of playfulness while keeping a hype professional vibe making it easy to wear to work or simply everywhere you go. Accessorizing this beauty is up to you. Wear it with jeans or with our faux leather pencil skirt in silver or gold. Whatever you choose, this item will make you stand out and stand proud. The etno tassel wool blazer is made of soft wool and has a chic contrasting underlining. The traditional Romanian accents are given by the colorful cotton tassels and the embroidered ribbon with the diamond symbolizing the woman and its unique role in the universe.
this item is available only in purple.

sizes 36-44

standard European sizes


36, 38, 40, 42, 44


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