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Fashion is life

Situated in Bucharest, Romania, Nukka is a small but rapidly growing designer brand making ready to wear affordable and unique outfits for girls and women, for moms and daughters who want to incorporate special and hand crafted designs in their day-to-day fashion or for special occassions. Here at Nukka we wish to create lasting pieces that will positively impact your closet and your memories because how special is that feeling when you know that an item is created in such small numbers that it is virtually unique? Yes, that’s what Nukka is about: a personal statement of individuality, uniqueness and afirmation of self value! There is #nobodylikeher, nobody like you, nobody like Nukka! Discover our designs.
We proudly ship all over the world!

“Nukka is a design story written with you and for you. It is a story #forgirlsofallages because age is just another number. Have fun, rediscover the magic within yourself!”

Irinukka Gligor- Creative Director/Founder

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